Ryanair withdraws one plane from Madeira base

Attempts to maintain same service next year

Ryanair withdraws one plane from Madeira base 1

The Regional President Miguel Albuquerque, will meet tomorrow with a Ryanair official, with the aim of trying to maintain the same number of company flights to Madeira next summer, despite the withdrawal of one of the two planes that were based at Funchal airport. The information was released this afternoon in the local media

Ryanair justified the removal of one of the two planes from the Madeira base with the increase in airport fees charged by the Vinci concessionaire. Faced with this news, Albuquerque highlighted that the president of Ryanair praised the Madeira authorities. “In fact, we have had quite important cooperation with Ryanair”, said the official, who understands that the low-cost flight company’s decision “has more to do with the national context” and with the difficulties that exist in the sector of aviation to find devices to meet the demand. Madeira only “pays by the scale” for these national and international problems, as its airport taxes were updated at a level close to inflation (6 per cent).

In any case, Albuquerque said that the Regional Government will seek to minimize the consequences and believes that in tomorrow’s meeting with a representative from Ryanair it will be possible to find a solution to maintain the same number of flights to Madeira next summer.

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    • Would you care to expand your case that Ryanair should sling their hook. Start off by telling us of your own experiences with Ryanair, then perhaps you could tell us of your personal knowledge of the crime prevalent in the Old Town of which you constantly remind us of.

    • What a ridiculous statement, what about everybody that uses this company for reasonable cost travel to & from Madeira. We use it as do a lot of others to good effect both to the Continent & the UK, an excellent service from Ryan Air & long May it continue. Also their low price point model helps keep other carriers prices in check………..

    • Sorry… what a stupid statement!!
      Why do you say such a thing, 🤷‍♀️
      please explain why as our/ my experience has been excellent to date.
      Good regular cost effective although understandably basic service.

    • Less competition means less choice and higher prices for us all, so slinging of hooks not really a good idea. Those that do not like Ryan air can fly Easy jet or perhaps take out a mortgage and fly TAP

  1. Madeira is no longer a cheap holiday destination, in other words, it’s out with the poor and in with the rich. The first step would be for Ryanair to go, I guess.

  2. Well I was in the same position like everyone around where when i did live in Uk and my advice still the same if anyone is thinking going in holidays to Madeira in the Summer or even Winter book in advance even if it is a few months early or a year in advance . I live now in Sintra and I did go to Madeira in August and it was booked a year in advance and the price for tree people was good €546.84 . Look around and you see something a good price book the tripe even if it is a year or several months in advance .


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