President accused of nominating friends

… for contracts worth €1m per year … in just three days

President accused by JPP of apponting friends
Élvio Sousa, president of the JPP

Élvio Sousa, president of the JPP parliamentary bench, said today that, “in just three days”, the Regional Government appointed 19 “friends” as “specialist technicians, corresponding to expenses of almost one million euros per year”.

“He is using taxpayers’ money to nominate his friends”, concluded the leader of the parliamentary bench, also questioning Miguel Albuquerque about a court ruling communicated “this week” which determines that the expenses be presented for the Madeiran executive’s controversial trip to Venezuela, in October 2022.

In his response, Miguel Albuquerque summarized the controversy surrounding the trip to Venezuela as “tasca (the equivalent of bar-room) issues”, which he did not want to answer in the regional parliament. He appeared to have no response to the accusation, once again, that he is appointing friends to lucrative positions.

The leader of the parliamentary group also asked why “three essential things” were removed from this Government Program, which is being debated in the regional parliament today.

“Why did the term limits for the president of the Regional Government go away?” he asked, referring to Albuquerque’s promise to stand down after a number of terms in office.

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