More walks to be chargeable

Trails under greater pressure from tourists

More walks to be chargeable

The Government intends for the most popular walks to be paid for and to have control of them. In an interview with DIÁRIO, Manuel Filipe, president of the Institute of Forests and Conservation, talks about the trails that are under greater pressure from tourists, the need to regulate the access of rental vehicles to Pico do Areeiro and reveals that the Regional Government will review, in the current mandate, the Forest Management Plan.

Highlights also include the lacklustre debate and the few new developments that are part of the Government Program, debated yesterday in the regional parliament. The President of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque recognized the continuity of the previous Executive’s program. The opposition, still in electoral mode, hardly scrutinized the document. The debate continues today in the regional assembly.

Also read that 9,000 users were removed from surgery waiting lists this year, however, between January and October almost 10,000 new referrals of people who need an operation were received. The balance continues to be negative.

Bridge jump

More walks to be chargeable 1

JM reports that IItalian Gabriele Berardi, known as Cassim Kiba in the world of extreme sports, had already completed a parachute jump from a bridge in the west of Madeira before attempting another yesterday.

The Italian, who has been publishing jumps from different corners of the planet, was recently in Madeira and his adventure ended up getting off to a bad start…

The first attempt by the Italian, born in Rome, ended up being defeated by the intervention of a PSP patrol. A video records the parachutist running away from the police officers.

Later, the individual returned to the bridge with a friend and both ended up completing the planned jumps, regardless of not having requested the necessary authorization to do so.

Click here to watch this moment.

14 thoughts on “More walks to be chargeable”

  1. Like I said many times, eventually the popular hikes will charge a fee for maintaining the trails and a controlled number of hikers allowed to hike during the day no under the fact that these trails are being destroyed and also the fauna. And it is sad for this to happen but many times this hikers don’t respect the norms and rules when hiking there and no accidents happen . And I continue advising take the right clothing and equipment and I will continue saying to anyone that goes there don’t take underage children for this type of hiking they can’t handle this type of long and demanding hikes with trails that many times with narrow passages and near of cliffs and many times with tunnels that neither fits two people many trails are very slippery with crumbling terrain and above all don’t take dogs and leave them going over the place you putting the live of the other hikers a risk of accidents .Leave the underage children in the hotel and the dogs pay someone to look after them. LEAVE THE UNDERAGE IN THE HOTEL AND DON’T TAKE DOGS IN THE TRAILS .

    • What a ridiculous idea, if it’s true. It’s a wonderful park but who’s going to pay to go in. The way things are going you will be charged for stepping out of your hotel.


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