Military exercises this week

… will test the ability to approach a suspicious ship

Military exercises this week 1

The Madeira Operational Command is carrying out, from today until Friday, the joint military exercise ‘Zarco 23’, which involves forces and means from the Navy, Army and Air Force and will have the Socorris area as its main stage. A simulated approach by amphibious and land forces and assault on a suspicious ship, which will take place on Thursday, will be the highlight of this operational activity, included in the annual joint exercise plan of the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

The military exercise aims to promote joint operational training of the three branches of the Armed Forces, in an integrated and convergent manner, to test plans and actions relating to the military defence of the Madeira archipelago, within the scope of combating aggression or transnational threats, acts of force or insurrection that jeopardizes sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity or the democratic constitutional order.

The most complex mission is scheduled for the 16th and consists of the approach by amphibious and land forces and assault on a suspected ship. It will simultaneously cause the Battalion’s forces to be deployed by sea to land, with the purpose of reinforcing the security perimeter of the installations, while an EH-101 helicopter removes an injured soldier from the naval environment, recently boarded.

Military exercises this week 3

The military exercise ends with air support from two F-16 fighters, coming from the Monte Real base, which will simulate several attacks on nearby targets to protect forces on the ground. The unmanned aerial systems (drones) of the Madeira Operational Command accompany this mission, providing images to support operations and also decision-making.

This exercise prepared by the Madeira Operational Command aims to exercise and test various actions, such as joint planning with the various Madeira Civil Protection agents and other institutions and organizations.

Military exercises this week 5

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