Madeira has 2,876 foreign students

… of 78 nationalities

Students make headlines

Madeiran schools welcome 2,876 foreign students this academic year reports JM this morning. They represent 7% of the regional school population and are distributed across all municipalities. The list of main nationalities is dominated by Venezuela, but there are also 140 students from São Tomé, 112 from Ukraine, 84 from Russia, 21 from Nepal and 10 from Pakistan. ‘Region has students of 78 nationalities’ is the headline in this Sunday’s JM.

In the “Lost and Found” section, JM found Achada da Madeira lost in the depths of Boaventura (video below). In the middle of the closed houses, there are four houses left inhabited by a dozen people. Gabriel, eight years old, is the only child in the town. ‘Achada da Madeira: a farm, four inhabited houses and a child‘ is the title of this report.

In Occurrences, ‘Pregnant woman attacked with kick in Funchal’, ‘Tourist injured in Fanal rescued by helicopter’ and ‘Accidents congest traffic and cause injuries’.

In Economy, ‘More than 600 boarded at the port’ is the title of the news referring to the two MSC ships that moved into the port of Funchal yesterday as part of a very busy day there.

Madeira has 2,876 foreign students 1

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11 thoughts on “Madeira has 2,876 foreign students”

  1. Well if some people around instead saying that Madeira is been over building over the place then they should visit the rural areas and see that is going the opposite way a dying community plus abandonment of the houses and land that they cant take care anymore .No one is denying that some is buildings being built but it is more in the major towns and not over the place like many people like to imply my advice when visiting go visit the rural areas to see what is happening to the communities like I did .

    • Do you know if there’s any way of buying up abandoned homes here? I’ve been struggling to find out.
      I’d like to buy some, renovate, and rent them to Madeirans for prices they can actually afford. It’s important to give back for being allowed to live here.

      • Hobbes
        The best I can do is ask to my sister that lives there in Madeira if she knows a good state agent honest one that can help you with that . The other thing is when you go there next time what you need to do is go to deep rural areas and explore with agent . Send your email to administration to send to me this way I will try to help you . If it was in Sintra where I live will be different story I know a state agent that I bought my house and it is honest person .


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