Cable car rescue drill

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Cable car rescue drill

The Madeira News website, with its automated news feed incorporating Google translate, has picked up reports from both local papers that a cable car rescue drill was organized yesterday by the operator Teleféricos da Madeira, SA, in a simulation where a technical breakdown caused the cabins to stop, having to resort to rescue operations to help six passengers, spread across three cabins.

The Regional Civil Protection Service participated in the drill, which included the intervention of the Regional Relief Operations Command and the Wide Angle Rescue Team of the Madeiran Volunteer Firefighters, who had the opportunity to train and apply different rescue techniques, to resolve a situation of random stoppage of the cable car, becoming increasingly able to intervene in real situations.

Readers Opinion Poll

A Readers Opinion Poll was started here a couple of days ago, which is throwing up some interesting and unexpected results:

Readers Opinion Poll

A number of recent Comments show an increasing concern at the number of new developments based around increasing tourism on the island. A poll has been created to allow readers to pass their opinions accordingly.
Visitors can only vote once, and results are displayed after you cast your vote.

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3 thoughts on “Cable car rescue drill”

  1. Putting utter selfishness aside, answering this poll requires expertise in local history, ecological carrying capacity and RAM fiscal policy.
    At what point should development have been stopped?
    -1424 prior to the first colonization?
    -1891 prior to Belmont Reids Palace opening?
    -1963 prior to the airport opening?
    -2020 prior to my arrival?
    Finding a desirable locale to reside, humans have the tendency to want to “close the gate behind them.” After searching for an environ that checked all the boxes where we wanted to live, we moved to Madeira. This does not give me the right to preclude others from doing the same. It does present the opportunity to seek solutions to help make Madeira livable for all and to avoid pricing Madeirans out of their native paradise.

  2. How refreshing on a Monday morning to read a well thought and written comment by a non native resident who is not thinking about his own needs but that of Madeirans.


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