Two ships bring 5,516

Port traffic beginning to build again

Two ships in port this morning

The Madeira News website, with its automated 24/7 news feed has picked up a report that two ships, the ‘Costa Firenze’ and the ‘Hanseatic Spirit’ brought a total of 5,516 people to the port of Funchal. The ‘Hanseatic Spirit’ is the cruise ship that kept the Port Santo ferry from docking in the Golden Island yesterday, and was ironically moored alongside when the ferry left Funchal on an “extra” trip early this morning.

The ‘Costa Firenze‘ is making a 10-hour stopover in the Region, coming from Tenerife, with 3,902 passengers and 1,258 crew on board. The ship is scheduled to depart at 6pm, bound for Lisbon.

This 14-night cruise began in Barcelona on October 11th, with stops in Marseille, Savona, Valencia, Lanzarote, Tenerife, now Funchal, Lisbon, Cádiz, ending in Barcelona on October 25th.

The ‘Hanseatic Spirit’, which arrived last night, is carrying out a turnaround involving 170 disembarks and 199 embarkations. The ship entered with 190 passengers, and after the turnaround, it left with 219 passengers.

The cruise, which is concluding a passage through the Portuguese islands, heads to the Canary archipelago. After a 26-hour layover, it leaves Madeira around midnight, heading to Puerto de La Estaca.

Two ships bring 5,516 1

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Two ships bring 5,516 3

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