Motorcycle inspection delayed again

Banana reorganisation

Motorcycle inspection makes headlines

The front page of JM highlights motorcycles, with the news that their compulsory inspection has been postponed again. The legislation that requires the inspection of motorcycles in models similar to cars is delayed and will not arrive in time for January 1, 2024.

Gonçalo Henriques, the administrator of the inspection centre in Madeira, explains that regulations and technical training are still lacking.

Banana reorganisation

The new regional secretary of Agriculture and Environment is reorganizing the operation of the company that manages the banana sector, GESBA. Rafaela Fernandes reveals to JM that the focus is on quality and proximity to farmers. The new centre in Santa Rita is speeding up procedures and freeing up workers for other functions. 

The newspaper also reports on a story from Porto Santo, where the bank wants to sell Colombos Resort.

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