Madeira could reach 33°C this holiday Thursday

Several heat warnings in place

Republic Day - a holiday in Portugal

Madeira could reach 33°C this holiday Thursday, with several Orange and Yellow warnings in place for Madeira and Porto Santo. Forecasts from the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA)) point to weak to moderate winds (up to 30 km/h) from the Eastern quadrant, sometimes being strong (up to 40 km/h) in the highlands. Expect partly cloudy skies with high clouds.

A rise in temperature is expected today and in the coming days after the public holiday. The warnings issued by IPMA point to the persistence of high maximum temperature values, leading to a yellow warning for hot weather on the North coast until 6 pm next Saturday, October 7th; on the south coast, there is an orange warning until 11pm this Thursday, changing to yellow in the following hours, remaining that way until 6pm on Saturday; in Porto Santo, the yellow warning is also in force until 6 pm on Saturday; In the mountainous regions of the island of Madeira, the warning will be orange until 11 pm on Friday.

Madeira could reach 33°C this holiday Thursday 1

The ultraviolet index will be high, being 7 in Madeira and 6 in Porto Santo.

In Funchal, expect partially cloudy skies with high clouds and weak to moderate winds (up to 30 km/h) from the East quadrant. A small rise in temperature is also expected here.

As for the state of the sea, on the North coast, expect waves in the North quadrant measuring 1 to 1.5 metres. on the south coast, waves will be less than 1 metre. The sea water temperature will be around 25/26ºC.

Republic Day in Portugal

On 5 October 1910 the Portuguese monarchy was overthrown as a result of a coup led by the Portuguese Republican Party. This led to the creation of the First Portuguese Republic, which existed for 16 years – until the creation of a new dictatorial regime.

The holiday is celebrated every year on 5 October but was temporarily scrapped as part of the austerity measures imposed on the country in 2011.

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