Health Service still has problems

… two months after cyberattack

Health Service still under pressure

Two months after the computer attack on the Regional Health Service (SESARAM), there are still constraints on several services. The Medical Association identifies some and highlights the “very serious” flaws in the breast cancer screening process. There are still delays in radiology and other specialities. 35 doctors maintain “no liability” where they abrogate professional responsibility for their actions. 

On the same subject, JM also reports that Madeira in general, not just the health service, must invest more in cybersecurity. A survey reveals a lack of knowledge among respondents.

New fire in Canhas

The Trompica fire in Ribeira Brava still requires extra vigilance after flames were brought under control after a day of work by firefighters. The firefighting helicopter has been called to a new fire in Canhas.

Health Service still has problems 1

All the incidental news …

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6 thoughts on “Health Service still has problems”

  1. Well nothing to do with wealthy governments at all . I was there in Madeira that I know very well and the supposed wealthy government was building Health Centres in some rural areas and this is good to serve the local people . In relation to the Emergency Services I did use one in Calheta and can’t complain about excellent service in a new building very well clean with nurses and doctors. The main problem that is affecting not only Madeira but also a lot of Portugal is that many doctors are going into retirement and many of them leave the Health Centres and many of them decide to open private offices . And that will happen with my mother’s GP that decides to retire and open a private office and some of them decide to go to her when they can’t get any appointment in the Health Centre . And this problem of GP is happening all over the place: the long waiting lists to get appointments and not enough GPs to look after the patients and not enough nurses . Any government in any country can build many new hospitals or even new health centres they want and end up with no doctors and nurses to run the services like is happening in Mem Martins in Sintra area, a new building but empty without any staff .

  2. Maurice, I’m genuinely interested in his thoughts. He’s one of the people I’m happy not to know that has the gift of insulting so many people in so few words. Has he got any thoughts behind, “Shame on the wealthy government.” or is that as far as his mind takes him? He’s clever enough to know that if he doesn’t answer questions or explain his rants his lack of thought can’t be questioned. Perhaps he should change the name he hides behind to Empty Kettles.


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