Funchal authorities supprt more housing

Municipal president calls for more investment

Another housing development in Funchal
“Uptown 117” housing development in Amparo

In what could be viewed as a controversial position, the president of Funchal City Council, Pedro Calado, was yesterday highlighting the importance of more housing investment in the city as he applauded an investment of more than 5 million euros in another apartment block being inaugurated on Caminho do Amparo.

Pedro Calado said that “it is not possible to provide people with work and quality of life without works of this nature”. To critics, he mentioned that it was with Albuquerque in the Chamber that the largest housing stock in Funchal was created. Calado recalled that 20 years ago, “people lived in tents and caves”.

“You don’t want stagnant land”

At the inauguration of 22 units at “Uptown 117” of various types, the most expensive of which is priced at 2 million euros (the cheapest being €445,000), the mayor assured that the revision of the PDM (the urban plan for Funchal) will be presented very soon, to give more opportunities to housing cooperatives. The idea is to look at all levels, as he highlighted. “You don’t want stagnant land,” he said.

Whilst writing this post it occurs to me that there is a good return on an investment of €5m if the cheapest of 22 units is €445,000 and the most expensive is €2,000,000!

Funchal authorities supprt more housing 1

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9 thoughts on “Funchal authorities supprt more housing”

  1. A warm welcome to more foreigners with more money?
    I pity the Madeiran families who are forced to commute daily, spending hours on the via rapida due to increasing traffic.

  2. How do I destroy Funchal and Madeira as a whole? I wonder…….I KNOW……let’s sell more land cheaply to management companies who will sell onto foreign investors.
    How does this help Madeirans in the long term? It doesn’t. It turns Madeira into the Portuguese version of Benidorm, and Rolando is part of it! Great son of the island.
    Still, nothing to do with me, I will simply not visit the island.

    • Well what you need to do is avoid Funchal or neither stay there when you go to Madeira that is what I do when visiting my mother that lives in Santa Cruz .

      • Hi Isabel, that’s a bit hard to do when I am slightly restricted with mobility, that aside constant building works for years will encourage people not to visit, unless you are a cruiser and only there for 12 hours.
        It’s a great shame, but it does indicate that Madeira is rapidly becoming a commercial hub for private housing, and the monstrosity’s that the Savoy group have erected confirm this.
        We return for December this year and ignoring the ongoing marina project, I am interested to see how far Savoy have got with the very expensive private flats on Monumemtal as they were just shells last year, but being owned by the largest construction company in Portugal, I am sure they can do whatever they want, whenever they want.
        My sympathy goes to Madeirans, they must have tourism, but not thrown in their faces like this.
        I would apologise for auto spell check spelling Ronaldo’s name incorrectly, but being as he is contributing to this carnage, I won’t.

  3. What do you expect, when you have a government seriously in a £comfort zone£ who has been in office far too long. Madeira needs a new government with a clean sheet approach…

  4. Hi, I have noticed that construction workers are setting up camp at the north end of Jardim Do Amparo, below the hospital Particular on the same side of the road, would this be the start of the tunnel project to link up with the new University Hospital project?

  5. It does not seem so long ago when the building rules in Funchal were ‘nothing above 2 storeys’ and the new rapido stood alone far above the last row of houses….! Now we are about to get a cable car at Nun’s valley to accommodate day visitors on massive cruise ships – how to ruin a beautiful island!


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