Curral das Freiras cable car

Earthquake north of Porto Santo

Curral das Freiras

Coalition member PAN Madeira (effectively the “Green” party locally) has announced, in a statement sent to newsrooms, that it will hold a conference today, at 4:00 pm, at the Legislative Assembly, with the aim of clarifying, with the media, its position regarding the construction project of the Cable Car of Curral das Freiras (Nuns Valley).

This will be interesting, as the party has already stated on several occasions, that it wants to maintain the natural heritage of the parish of Curral de Freiras, guaranteeing the preservation of the environment, whilst the majority PSD-M is in favour of the project.

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Earthquake north of Porto Santo

An earthquake measuring 2.4 on the Richter scale was recorded yesterday morning by the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA), north of Porto Santo.

The earthquake occurred 10 kilometres deep, at 00:25.

Social Democrats regret lack of direct Porto Santo flight

The PSD parliamentary group comes, in a statement, this weekend in which the last air connection made by TAP took place, between Mainland Portugal and the island of Porto Santo, to regret that, “once again”, the Government of the Republic ” has not been able to ensure territorial continuity, […] nor the promised direct air connection throughout the year.”

Carla Rosado, deputy to the Legislative Assembly of Madeira, criticizes the fact that “again, Porto Santo is harmed by not having a direct connection with the Mainland throughout the year, which should be ensured by TAP, the national flag carrier, with the primary aim of blurring the effects of double insularity and seasonality”.

Social democrats state that, in terms of mobility, the government of António Costa and the PS “have done nothing to improve, in fact delaying, contrary to their political and constitutional obligation, the development” of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, particularly on the island of Porto Santo.

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All the incidental news …

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  1. Ahhhh. So now the PSD accuses Lisbon of not ensuring territorial continuity for Porto Santo! That is fricking rich, coming from the party that keeps the ferry to the mainland away from Madeira just to please their Sousa cronies.

  2. Well will be interesting to see how may of this people around where complaining witch ones will be going to try the cable car ? One thing I’m under percent sure I won’t use it not my cup of tea . Even last time I was in Madeira I didn’t use Fajãs do Cabo Girão cable car I did hike down in the footpath great views and no people walking down .

  3. Unfortunatly Madeira is currently being burried under concrete and bitumen. Why?
    The island´s green is limited, the mountain scenery breathtaking, so why built an adventure park?

    • Where is that concrete? Only in the urban areas . In relation to the mass building sites of construction that some people are implying around were that is going over the place in the island that isn’t true that maybe is happening more certain in urban areas in certain places but if you go outside of that areas in rural areas it is the complete opposite the abandonment of the houses and land and a dying community .


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