Cheaper electricity for 20,000 families

Old Town “before and after”

Cheaper electricity for 20,000 families headline

The social electricity tariff will benefit 20 thousand families in 2024 according to JM this morning. The measure by the Madeira Electricity Company offers discounts of 33.8% and represents a reduction in income for the company of around three million euros.

Under the heading ‘Before After’, the highlight is the Old Town. It has already suffered from the stigma of drugs and prostitution, and today there is a conflictual relationship between residents and traders. 

The newspaper observes that there are those who miss the past, others are grateful for the more modern times but ask for higher control of bars at night.

The newspaper also reports on a Polish tourist who trying to take a photo and dies after being swept away by a wave.

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4 thoughts on “Cheaper electricity for 20,000 families”

    • What ? No very nice at all . I was in Madeira a in August and in the old part of the town and didn’t see anything of that . You must be going over there in the middle of the night to see that ?

    • What a wonderful imagination you must have or have you been sampling the what you describe? When I first visited Madeira in the late 60s, the concierge at my Hotel strongly warned me against visiting the Old Town. There was prostitution, which like the Concierge’s advice I ignored. I assume there was criminality. Of drugs I saw none. What there wasn’t, was a well lit, bustling, profitable, enjoyable collection of Restaurants and Bars in an area thronged with and enjoyed by both locals and visitors. Do you really think that if the Old Town was as you describe it would be visited by such a number of holiday makers, many with young children? What is the point of you writing such rubbish?

  1. Well and no one says anything about the Cheaper electricity for 20,000 families ? I think it is good gives a relive to so many people that are struggling in Madeira . And also a bit strange nothing was mentioned that the Madeira government is trying to reduce the fiscal tax to the local residents and also given back some taxes back to them .


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