Azura starts Canaries Circuit

for this cruise season


Today’s arrival of P&O’s Azura heralds the start of the Cruise the Atlantic Islands or Canaries Circuit season. The Azura has spent the summer in the Mediterranean based in Valetta, Malta but has now relocated to Tenerife where she will operate 7 and 14-day cruises around the Canaries calling at Funchal every Monday for the next 4 months, Those opting for the 14-day package enjoy 2 visits to Funchal the only repeat stopover on the cruise

Readers of the blog may recall the last year the Azura paired up with the AIDAnova, the pair arriving together every Monday throughout the season bringing as many as 10,000 visitors ( passengers and crew ) to the port.

Azura starts Canaries Circuit 1

This year she will have the AIDAcosma as her partner – a younger sister ship to the AIDAnova – however the AIDA vessel doesn’t start her schedule until late November, with the two first “pairing up” on December 4th

So, long queues at the cable car station in Funchal and busy times for the Carreiros of Monte once again !!

Thanks to Jaime for the update

There are actually three ships arriving today, At 6:00 am, the ‘Azura’ arrived, and, shortly afterwards, Pontinha received, for its debut, the ship ‘Ambition’. 

At 11:00 pm today, ‘Mein Schiff’ is scheduled to arrive.

Photos of the firts two early this morning are below:

  • Azura starts Canaries Circuit 3

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