New government department

Ribeira Funda

New department headlined

The Region will now have a new public department according to JM today. This is the Institute of Mobility and Land Transport, an administrative department that absorbs the … Read more

Clock change under scrutiny

Century-old argument continues

Clock change graphic

The chiming of church bells throughout Portugal in the early hours of tomorrow, Sunday, as the clock change comes into effect, will signal more than just the … Read more

Madeira has 34 centenarians

… and 58 new doctors

Madeira has 34 centenarians

The photographic highlight on the JM this morning goes to a face that “reflects life and wisdom”, according to the newspaper. Madeira has 34 people over … Read more

Eight inmates on trial

… for drug trafficking

Eight inmates on trial, being transported to court

Eight people linked to drug trafficking will be interviewed throughout today, during preliminary hearings in Court.

The inmates are in pre-trial detention because they are allegedly … Read more

Motorcycle inspection delayed again

Banana reorganisation

Motorcycle inspection makes headlines

The front page of JM highlights motorcycles, with the news that their compulsory inspection has been postponed again. The legislation that requires the inspection of motorcycles in models … Read more

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