Work starts on Ponta do Pargo golf course

Free travel passes triple in four years

Work starts on Ponta do Pargo golf course headline in the Diario

The Diario reports that machines have already started work on the Ponta do Pargo golf course, which should last two years. “There is no field like it in Europe”, says the architect responsible for designing the project with the Nick Faldo Design seal.

Late last year the Regional Government presented proposals that will allow the completion of the work on the Ponta do Pargo golf course.

The main execution work of the Golf Course was started by Ponta do Oeste on November 18, 2009, and was suspended on April 30, 2012, since when the project has lain dormant.

Free travel passes triple in four years

The news that makes the headline is that the Region has already offered almost 86,000 passes since 2019, especially to children and former combatants. The Pass for university students will be free in 2024, if the measure advances on a national scale.

Early last year, it was announced that those who are over 65 should have access to free passes on public transport in Lisbon last summer, while for minors and higher education students, it was from September onwards.

Ponta do Pargo announcement on the blog last year

The agreement allowed free use of public transport for residents in Lisbon over the age of 65, young people up to 18 years of age or higher education students up to 23 years of age, except in the case of degrees in medicine and architecture, in which the passes will be free until the age of 24.

In all cases, it is necessary to have tax residency in Lisbon, with the measure expected to cost the city nearly 15 million euros.

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4 thoughts on “Work starts on Ponta do Pargo golf course”

  1. This could end up being a “bucket list” course like the brilliant / fantastic Old Head in Southern Ireland. With the winds coming onto the headland from the Atlantic I can see aiming your Drive towards Venezuela to have it blown back onto the Fairway. This course, done with the Dundonald Links clubhouse (Gailes in Scotland), could propel Madeira into the “must play – boys tour” destination. Get Porto Santo buzzing and you will have 2 Links and 2 Parkand/Heath courses. In 18 months time the Tourist Board needs to invite 3 select U.K./EU golf travel companies to advise and assist in the a promotion to “Golf in Madeira” into every golfers living room.

  2. The rich will get richer, while the workers pay the taxes, the food banks can’t cope, the beggars are more prolific…Drugs are more common place, along with crime going up..Lets not even mention the over stressed airport… & El Presidente gets a new Range Rover…?


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