Winds affect airport

Flights cancelled

Photo of a windsock as wind affects flights at Funchal airport

The Diario reports that the wind and strong gusts which were predicted yesterday by the Portuguese Weather Institute, IPMA, were making life difficult at the airport last night for those who want to travel and those who want to get to Madeira. There were at least four flights already diverted from Madeira Airport by 18:30, whilst others were still trying to land, plus others that had postponed their departure at their point of origin.

At the time, according to the ANAM – Aeroportos da Madeira portal, there are at least 4 different flights diverted so far, two of which went to Porto Santo and two to the Canary Islands.

At the time the wind allowed for some landings (the last of which was at 6:39 pm), with more than 25 flights planned until the end of the day.

IPMA predicted that there would continue to be gusts of wind, namely “sometimes blowing strongly (up to 40 km/h) in the highlands”.

As of this (Sunday) morning the airport is operating normally – link to the wind conditions at the airport at the bottom of this page.

Strong seas warning extended until tonight

The Port Authority of Funchal has updated the warning of severe sea disturbances for the coastline of the Madeira Archipelago, extending it until 6pm tomorrow, Sunday, September 17th, when in the previous warning the time period was in force until 6:00 am on the same day.

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  1. We landed at 19.30 hrs last evening Jet 2 pilots were excellent we didn’t know there was a strong wind until outside the airport.
    Now in the shade with a Madeira wine and cold beer. Wonderful to be here again


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