“We will never expand Pontinha”

… “as long as there are Madeirans in need of a house”

Pontinha in the Bay of Funchal

JM reports that Socialist (PS) candidate Sérgio Gonçalves chooses housing as one of the main priorities of the future PS Regional Government – more so than the expansion of the Pontinha – in the unlikely event of them winning next weekend’s Regional elections.

At a dinner-rally in Caniço, the PS candidate for the presidency of the Regional Government said that there are thousands of families in need of decent housing and that the problem has worsened, with young people unable to buy or rent a house and the middle class being strangled by the increase in interest rates on housing loans.

Pontinha in the Bay of Funchal

The socialist criticized the Executive for having “neglected” the sector and for now greeting people with someone else’s hat, questioning what the government strategy would be if it weren’t for the funds from the Recovery and Resilience Plan. He assured that, with the PS Government, program contracts will be signed with all local authorities, “without discriminating against anyone based on political color”, to build housing, and that cooperative housing will be encouraged, allowing houses to be built at controlled costs .

With 150 million euros, we will never expand Pontinha as long as there are Madeirans in need of homes, because with 150 million euros we built almost 900 houses that are sorely needed in our region
Socialist (PS) candidate Sérgio Gonçalves

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On another level, the head of the PS list highlighted the need to increase the income of Madeirans, increasing wages and reducing taxes. He therefore committed to lowering VAT, explaining that if the rate goes from 22% to 16%, after a year this will represent a saving of one month on family expenses.

In health, Sérgio Gonçalves said that the Executive led by him will implement guaranteed maximum response times. “For each medical procedure, there will be a defined deadline that must be met and, if this deadline is not met, the person can go private without having to pay,” he explained.

Free compulsory education (textbooks, transport and food) and support of up to 200 euros for displaced university students to cover accommodation expenses were other guarantees left.

September 24th is the day to make a choice between the same old things, vices, arrogance and arrogance, or the PS, which will transform Madeira and create a land of opportunities for everyone. Give me an opportunity to be president of the Regional Government. We won’t disappoint you. You can be sure that Madeira will be better, Porto Santo will be better and all Madeirans will live better in this land.

Sergio Gonçalves

Sílvia Silva, candidate for Santa Cruz, spoke of the “dream of many thousands of Madeirans who yearn for new policies and government change in Madeira”. The candidate, who, in the current legislature, as a deputy, stood up for the defense of the primary sector and environmental issues, focused on the PS’s commitment to allowing the return of orderly grazing to the mountains, as a way of controlling the bush and fuel load and reduce the risk of fire in rural areas and the forest of Madeira.

I am convinced that this is how the PS will Change Madeira, because, more than a slogan, more than a desire of thousands and thousands of Madeirans, this is our collective mission and we have no doubt that Sérgio Gonçalves is ready to lead this dream, about to become reality.

Silvia Silva

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