Schools without mobiles

Porto Santo Golf to become 36-hole

Mobile phone headline and 
photo of porto santo golf on the front page of the Siario

The news that makes the headline in today’s Diario is that mobile phones are to be kept outside the school, in Caniço. The 2nd and 3rd cycle educational establishment in Caniço implemented several measures, at the beginning of this academic year, “to make its educational project worthwhile”. 

This ‘package’ includes Wednesdays without mobile phones. This decision comes after the realisation that the children were no longer interacting, as the school director revealed to the Diario’s reporter. Parents are still being informed of the measure.

Porto Santo Golf to become 36-hole

Featured in this edition, illustrated with a photo of the Porto Santo golf course, the newspaper reports that the course will double its capacity. The new project on Ilha Dourada plans to increase from the current 18 to 36 holes. The investment is part of a response to the growing demand from winter tourists from the Nordic countries.

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