Rent punishes students

“Rooms in basements, without windows, at €300 per month”

Rent punishes students headline in the Diario

“Renting punishes students from abroad” is the headline in today’s edition of the Diario. The newspaper observes that “House sharing is the best solution for displaced students who will attend the University of Madeira” – although one wonders how many students will travel to Madeira to complete their education? “There are reports of rooms in basements, without windows, at €300 per month”

Sounds like students get a bad deal both ways with rental prices – those coming here to study and local youngsters heading for the mainland.

“Housing problem being quickly solved”

Rent punishes students 1

On the same level, the Diario tells you that the housing problem “is in the process of being quickly resolved”. 

This is according to Miguel Albuquerque, the President of the Regional Government for more than 8 years and looking (almost certainly) to be re-elected for four more.

Miguel Albuquerque asks his PSD (ruling coalition) activists for humility and warns that the ‘majority is not guaranteed’. In an interview with the Diario he says that he will not lower VAT and repeats that there is no market for the ferry”

Autumnal weather approaches

The Diario observes that the climate is gradually changing towards a more unstable period, moving away from the good summer days towards the good rainy days. Today, in the Madeira Archipelago, the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA) forecast (below) reflects this.

“Sky with periods of heavy cloudiness” and, consequently, “showers, generally light, especially on the northern slopes and highlands of the island of Madeira”, in a forecast scenario that is repeated from yesterday and should continue in the coming days. Wednesday looks grim, with an 82% chance of rain:

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Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA)

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  1. I doubt many students would travel to Madeira to complete their education. Rooms in basements with no windows for 300 euros plus? I would not even house my dog in one.


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