President woos Porto Santo voters

Cyberattack: hospital continues to recover

Porto Santo, where the President woos voters today

The president of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, continues his charm offensive in Porto Santo today, visiting two new public investments this morning. Remember, the Regional elections are just three weeks away – one wonders how many sparkling new “public investments” will be found before then?

At 10:30 am, the president will visit the rehabilitation works of the local Tennis Complex, a contract awarded to the Tecnovia Madeira/Farrobo consortium, for the value of €696,000.00 + VAT, making a total of €849,120.00.

At 11:30 am, the president will visit the new Vila Baleira Urban Park, built on the site where the campsite operated for around 40 years, an investment of €695,000, which offers a ‘boat house’, which will be operated as a bar/cafeteria, toilets, picnic/leisure areas, a sandy playground, and a beach volleyball court.

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Cyberattack: recovery operation continues

SESARAM announced yesterday afternoon, in a statement, that “the operation to restore equipment and access to all clinical and non-clinical services continues”.

As normality has not been fully restored after the cyberattack, the regional service reiterates the two appeals that have been made: that users who go to a Regional Health Service (SESARAM) health unit carry the information they have in their possession and those who use the SNS app to use it for their usual medication.

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All the incidental news …

All the incidental news from Madeira – up to 60 reports per day – is being continually picked up automatically, translated, and instantly posted on our sister website, madeiraislandnews, no matter how trivial:

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