Praia Formosa consultation ends

More civil servants retire

Praia Formosa  features on the front page of JM

The JM front page highlights Praia Formosa once again. The public discussion period ended yesterday, with participation soaring on the last day. About half of citizens’ proposals were received in the last 24 hours.

As of October 1st, another 51 members of the civil service will retire, taking the total to 421 so far this year. Among them, there is a doctor who will earn four thousand euros per month, nine teachers who will receive around three thousand euros per month and an operational assistant who will take home just 300 euros per month.

Also highlighted in today’s edition is Covid-19 “Madeira awaits material for vaccines”. The Health Directorate says that the recent increase in new cases does not justify returning to masks in hospitals.

The newspaper also reports that road accidents are increasing. Statistics reveal an increase in accident rates by 20% in the last six months.

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All the incidental news …

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