New adega for Porto Santo

Back to school!

New adega for Porto Santo 1

The news that makes today’s headline in JM is that work by the Wine Institute will requalify the old Farrobo Agrarian Centre in Porto Santo. The investment includes the installation of 144 photovoltaic panels in order to become self-sufficient and has the purpose of “protecting small producers”.

Seasonal Porto Santo

The newspaper also focuses on the age-old problem of re-inventing tourism to alleviate the seasonality of Porto Santo – one of the challenges faced by agents in the sector as this “high” season on the golden island draws to a close. 

They also ask that the future Government combat clandestine AL and encourage salary increases. Progress has been made recently with a number of hotels no longer closing during the “low” season and an increase in the number of flights during winter.

47,400 back to school

JM reports that 47,400 return to school routine. Thousands of students, teachers and non-teaching staff resume teaching activities today. The year starts with just over 37,000 students. One look out of the window confirms this – a complete change to everyday life in Funchal.

The Diario reports that the lack of teachers in Madeira, in some disciplinary groups, is assumed by the two main unions of this professional class in the Region as a concern at the beginning of the academic year.

Covid infections increasing

The newspaper also highlights the recent increase in the number of Covid-19 infections during August. Just recently everybody seems to be talking about this, so it appears the rumours are correct.

New adega for Porto Santo 3

A new, vastly improved “search” facility has been introduced allowing readers to search (box in the sidebar above) on any word or phrase used in any of the posts over the last sixteen years. Previously the search facility only returned matches on headings rather than the entire content. It remains to be seen whether this will slow the blog down – fingers crossed! If it works it should move the blog even further ahead of the increasing number of imitators, providing a huge resource for visitors and residents.

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