Motards Madeira celebrates 25 years

… with 850 members

Motards Madeira celebrates 25 years 1
Motards in Machico in 2018

Club Motards Madeira celebrates its 25th anniversary this weekend with a party at Miradouro de São Roque, in the city of Funchal.

The program for this Saturday, September 30th, includes performances by Akoustic Junkies, 4Litro, DJ Canada and even Lavagem de Motos. The entertainment is scheduled to start at 2:00 pm and end at 1:00 am. There will be stalls with food and drinks. Hundreds of people are expected, including representatives from seven motorcycle clubs in the country.

The president of the Madeira Motards Club, Diego Henriques, takes stock of the 25 years of existence of the institution that has 850 members, remembering old demands, such as the long-desired headquarters, and leaving appeals, namely for the creation of a corridor
for motorcycles in arteries in the city of Funchal, more parking for motorcycles, as well as the resolution of ‘traps’ on the road.

Motards Madeira celebrates 25 years 3
Thousands of motorcyclists gathered in May last year on Avenida Sá Carneiro, to kick off the celebrations of National Motorcyclist Day.

What remains to be achieved in these 25 years is the headquarters: “On the Continent, municipal councils provide spaces to motorcycle clubs so that they can develop their activities, for 25 years I have been fighting for this in Madeira and, incredible as it may seem, I still haven’t thought it was possible”.

The institution that is Motards Madeira has survived with a leased commercial space on Rua da Carreira, “which is limited to the sale of drinks and Club We are celebrating 25 years with great pride of the first group of bikers in Madeira. I take a positive look at the activity of this club, which holds many gatherings inside and outside the island of Madeira, sporting events, as well as solidarity activities for people in need and animals.

The president of Club Motards Madeira calls for the creation of corridors for the circulation of motorcycles on the main arteries of the city of Funchal and the resolution of ‘traps’ on the road, such as painting road signs with anti-slip paints, positioning sluices on the verges of the roadway or, when this is not possible, apply a rubber material to the drain covers, as the existing material causes skidding and consequently skidding.

Diego Henriques warns that “generally, motorcycle accidents are always caused by third parties, by sudden unsignaled changes in direction”, which is why he urges motorcyclists in the Region to pay “a lot of attention to other vehicles”, as well as “to drive with great caution, be careful with alcohol and drug consumption.”

The priority at this moment is to keep the club for a few more years, continuing the project we have been doing, helping people, and managing to keep our space open as there are some difficulties.
Diego Henriques, president of Club Motards Madeira
Motards Madeira celebrates 25 years 5

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