Lidl: clear as mud!

“All legal precepts must be complied with”

Lidl store in Lisbon

JM reports online that the municipal authority, Câmara Municipal do Funchal (CMF), reiterated today that “the LIDL process runs its normal procedures”, through a statement that follows statements made by the leader of the JPP, Élvio Jesus, in a political initiative held during this morning.

“I would like to tell all Funchal residents that just this week that the Mayor, Pedro Calado, refused to clarify the LIDL situation. I made the request myself and was denied, as they responded that I would have to demonstrate legitimate interest and that the request was ‘inaccurate’ as if those gentlemen did not know the LIDL chain”, said the JPP leader

The statement issued by the CMF Presidency’s Office begins by stating that the municipal Executive “will not respond directly to the JPP, because this council does not have to submit to the scrutiny of parties without municipal representation”.

Lidl: clear as mud! 1

But the statement goes on to say that it “regrets and repudiates that one can “confuse the powers of the Regional Legislative Assembly with those of the Municipal Assembly”, which in the opinion of the municipal Executive “can only be understood as an attempt to usurp functions, to intimidation of legitimately elected local bodies of power, in an attempt to gain media space during electoral periods”.

“The Funchal City Council has already said, on several occasions, that the LIDL process runs its normal procedures. The German chain has already completed 2 licensing processes (Poço Barral and next to Rotunda da Assicom), with another 2 under consideration (Rua Dr. Pita and Largo Severiano Ferraz)”, the same note adds later, reiterating the Authority led by Pedro Calado who “has every interest in making LIDL’s investment in Funchal viable, as long as all legal precepts are complied with”.

“It will be up to the investors, and never the municipality, to announce when, how and why the aforementioned investments will be made”, reads the statement, which concludes with the accusation that “everything else is smokescreens to intoxicate opinion public, in an attempt to gain a few more votes.”

6 thoughts on “Lidl: clear as mud!”

  1. The Lidl debacle!!!!
    I can see from the political shenanigans, that seem to be going on .
    Your politicians and local Authorities are going the same way as the mainland politicians both in Portugal , U.K. & Sadly Europe, in general .
    The Lidl organisation was given the same type of Treatment when they and one other made early attempts to enter the U.K.
    since doing so they & one other company have revolutionised the industry, bringing numerous benefits & opportunities
    … for the poorer people of England Ireland and Scotland !
    Eg :- their money goes further
    The larger Supermarkets with Strangle holds, do not sit on their laurels so much now.
    They have had to watch their backs .
    In the past 12 years The Competition watch dog has seen considerable improvements .
    …The quality of their fresh produce has won awards, making The multi nationals with their stronghold , sit up & re assess the quality of their products.

    I hope the Madeira people are allowed to have the benefit of another supplier to the Island, with all the advantages they bring
    SO LONG AS THE DISADVANTAGES Are not allowed, and more so ARE UNDERSTOOD .


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