Drones detect illegal fishing in Desertas

Two identified in Natural Reserve

Drones detect illegal fishing in Desertas

The Madeira News website, with its automated news feed incorporating Google translate, has picked up a report that two individuals were identified today by the Nature Watch Corps team, who are currently on duty in the Desertas Natural Reserve, fishing within the limits of the protection area of ​​that natural reserve.

This team of Nature Watchers currently has, among other equipment, a drone capable of operating in an aquatic environment, which increases its ability to intervene in surveillance and inspection missions.

Orienteering in Funchal

This coming Sunday, September 17th, Clube Aventura da Madeira will promote the ‘Orientação Funchal’ event, which will cover the main arteries of the capital of Madeira, between 10 am and 12 pm.

The event is included in the Regional Orienteering Calendar of the Portuguese Orienteering Federation and the RAM Orienteering Association and is part of the European Mobility Week activities program promoted by Funchal City Council.

To date, 250 registrants have been confirmed, a number that could increase with the possibility of it still being possible to participate in the open, Easy and Medium routes, aimed at the general population.

All information about the event is available at:  http://oripark.camadeira.com/

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