Covid and flu vaccines from Monday

Fuel is cheaper than on the mainland

Vaccines from Monday announcement

JM reports that the vaccination campaign against flu and Covid-19 begins on Monday in Madeira. In total, 52,300 flu vaccines are available, which means an investment of €560,000. The State provides another 52,000 doses of vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. 

Bruna Gouveia, deputy regional director of Health, tells JM that the first phase is aimed at health professionals and critical services. In October the target population increases.

Fuel is cheaper than on the mainland

Apart from vaccines, the front page also highlights fuel pricing. A full tank costs 20 euros less than on the mainland. The Region lowered the fuel tax again in order to prevent price increases. Diesel is already cheaper than in Spain. But the Azores continue to have even cheaper rates.

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Coalition dominant in polls

The Diario graphically headlines that three days before the elections, the Aximage survey for the newspaper reveals that the ruling PSD/CDS coalition remains dominant, reinforcing the results of another poll reported here on Monday.

On the penultimate day of the campaign for the Regional Legislative Elections, the latest statistics reveal that the PS is almost 40 percentage points away from the winners and the Liberal Initiative is catching up with the right-wing populist party Chega

All in all, more than 60% of respondents decided their voting direction before the campaign started, pointing out that it was not the ‘promises’ made in the last two weeks that led to the party preference that they will indicate on the ballot paper, next Sunday. 

Covid and flu vaccines from Monday 3

All the incidental news …

All the incidental news from Madeira – up to 60 reports per day – is being continually picked up automatically, translated, and instantly posted on our sister website, madeiraislandnews, no matter how trivial:

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