Coalition heads for absolute majority

Survey predicts they will win 26 of the 47 seats

Coalition headline in JM

The headline of today’s edition of JM highlights that the third Intercampus survey for the newspaper and confirms the growth of the Somos Madeira coalition. If this is the electoral result, the PSD/CDS list elects 26 deputies, which guarantees it an absolute majority in Parliament. 

The PS (Socialist Party) is shown as being in decline and is forecast to only have 12 parliamentarians, while the JPP (Together for the People) grows slightly and has five mandates. With these values, Chega will have three elected representatives and the Liberal Initiative will have one. The CDU leaves the Assembly and the Bloc does not enter. But there are still many undecided voters.

Regional elections in Madeira

For the benefit of visitors to the archipelago, who must wonder what is going on with all the flag-waving and cars with tannoys on the roof, a regional election is being held in Madeira and Porto Santo next Sunday to determine the composition of the Legislative Assembly of the Autonomous Region of Madeira. The election will replace all 47 members of the Madeira Assembly, and according to the law, the new members will then elect the President of the Autonomous Region, who will remain in office for four years

The current president, Miguel Albuquerque from the Social Democratic Party (PSD), is currently leading a coalition government between the Social Democrats and the CDS – People’s Party. The coalition will defend the dominance of the Social Democratic Party in the islands since 1976. The PSD and CDS–PP are contesting the election in a joint coalition, although by the looks of all the opinion polls the Social Democrats could win by themselves

13 parties on the ballot

Wikipedia lists 13 parties/coalitions that will be on the ballot for the 2023 Madeira regional election. The parties/coalitions that will contest the election and their lead candidates are: (parties/coalitions are ordered by the way they will appear on the ballot)[5]

Portuguese Labour Party (PTP), Quintino Costa
Together for the People (JPP), Élvio Sousa
Left Bloc (BE), Roberto Almada
Socialist Party (PS), Sérgio Gonçalves
Enough (CH), Miguel Castro
React, Include, Recycle (RIR), Roberto Vieira
Earth Party (MPT), Valter Rodrigues
National Democratic Alternative (ADN), Miguel Pita[
Social Democratic Party/CDS – People’s Party We are Madeira coalition (PSD/CDS–PP), Miguel Albuquerque
People-Animals-Nature (PAN), Mónica Freitas
LIVRE (L), Tiago Camacho
Unitary Democratic Coalition (CDU), Edgar Silva
Liberal Initiative (IL), Nuno Morna

Coalition heads for absolute majority 1

All the incidental news …

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Coalition heads for absolute majority 3

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18 thoughts on “Coalition heads for absolute majority”

    • Years ago the quality of life there wasn’t very good for your information but over the years been improving a lot .And Madeira island is certain way better developed that certain areas of mainland Portugal . And in therms of unemployment there is less people unemployed than mainland

      • but is that because of almost 50 years of one party rule or thanks to billions in EU funding which would have come to the island irrespective of what party was in power. Yes infrastructure improvements and a dramatic improvement in the availability of retailers and selection of goods and services on the island is undeniable but how much wealth generated by these construction projects, new hotels and warehouse type shopping outlets has “trickled down to the average Madeiran and how much has risen up to the hands of a few monopolies that basically have been in bed with the same government leaders over the same period? I’m not saying Madeira is unique, the UK has suffered the same from corruption and nepotism certainly over the last fourty years no matter what party has been in power but to claim Madeiran modernisation is simply thanks to one party and any changes in who governs would bring disaster to the population is a bit rich!

    • It appears that the Madeirans, after two terms with the present leader and it appears another three years coming up are content and do think things will get better.

  1. A question with no answer.
    Is it almost 50 years of one party rule or is it thanks to the billions in EU funding?
    We’ll never know but the Madeiran populace voted for that one party and according to the polls are prepared to put them back.
    I first saw it in the late 60s, early 70s when there was nothing to trickle down to the average Madeiran. It was dire.

    • Let’s put it this way. Early 70’s about 50% of Madeira’s population did not know how to read. Several families lived in caves. Literally caves. PSD has benefited from the fact that entitled himself as the father of autonomy. We’re in 2023, about 98% of population knows how to read and write. Every year about 2000 young madeireans go to university. Incredible Road network. Madeireans know all this was possible with EU but to some extent by the political combat with central government in mainland. Local PSD traditionally very active in political “fight” even when government in mainland is PSD itself. The problem with opposition in Madeira is that they to struggle to understand that they can present alternatives and new ideas without jeopardizing autonomy which is local people’s will. There are many “leftists” in Madeira but they also want a progressive autonomy. Unfortunatelly oppostion in Madeira thinks that to fight PSD they need to fight autonomy.

  2. At least the billions been used some was for the expansion of the airport other been used over the years for the tunnels that did help better connections between the different places and faster travelling instead taking long hours travelling from side to other and that brought a lot development to many areas . And also was used to built the Madeira University and schools and improve others schools and built news heath centres and the new hospital that still being built . Also been spend farming diversity and building roads that go to farming areas to help the farmers . And no one is denying that there isn’t any corruption but also some mistake been done over the years but a least most of the things been done . And something that Madeira government is doing developed a program where is building affordable housing for people can afford houses starting with a small rent and later people can buy later something that the mainland Portuguese Government isn’t doing at all despite the big housing problem that exist.

  3. Two very intelligent observations from Luis and Isabel- it appears a very complex and corrupt situation, but if you can build an “us and them (Lisbon)” mentality then you will get strong local support regardless of your politics. And to get piles of EU dosh on top cements (concretes?) you position – as Luis says this would have come regardless of who was in power!

    • Corruption exists in any country independent of which country you are . As far as EU funding, Madeira Island and like many other islands in the EU receive EU funding like many other places . Before, Portugal and Madeira didn’t exist in the Councils, a department that controls and supervises and manages the EU funding money and where that money goes you can see the wild accusations that everyone is corrupt. It is more difficult for that type of situation to happen now independent of what you are thinking or others . Still exist situations that can happen but it is more difficult to happen since many cases have been caught. The system of prevention is much better than before . As far as the independent strong local support independent of my politics or others I don’t support no one but you can’t deny that work has been done over there and that helped the region improve the livelihood of people in many aspects independent of what people think outside .As far the oposition like Luis said is right but there is starting change in power in certain councils and people not brainwashed wash like many people around like to think .

    • And more starts to get a bit tired of certain people around where not only insulting but disrespecting the local island people and implying constantly that people are brainwashed and can’t think by themselves or the government is corrupt all the time or even worse it is full of drugs dealers and everyone is a user plus is ride with crime prostitution and the island is full of paedophilia . What will be next ?

    • It was indeed a well presented, knowledgeable comment from Luis. But can I point out no where does Luis say the moneys from the EU would have come regardless who was in power. The question is would they have been spent in a more advantageous way and if it’s true any party encouraging an us and them mentality would get strong support, then why did that support lean heavily toward the ruling party?

      • The question is would they have been spent in a more advantageous way? And been spend in many ways the correct way but sometimes with mistakes also no one is denying that everything is picture perfect when isn’t all the time . And that question can also apply to all the other EU countries if they also used in advantageous way? Like the UK also when still was in in the EU did they apply in advantageous way ?

  4. Isabel, the question wasn’t really whether the individual countries had spent in an advantageous way but whether the political parties ruling at the time, in the various countries, would have acted differently. I’m sure they would, Political leanings would have biased their actions. The point is those parties were elected by a majority voter so one could say the man in the street decided the action taken. Which is the way it should be.

    • Another deep and telling thought. It seems, despite your views on their honesty, intelligence and work ethic, they have been happy with that bed for two sessions and are likely choose it yet again.


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