Bijagós archipelago

Expedition assembles in Machico

Boats assembling to leave for the Bijagós archipelago, in Guinea-Bissau.

The last of a group of five sailboats arrived yesterday afternoon at the Machico marina that this weekend will begin, from Madeira, a scientific and humanitarian expedition to the Bijagós archipelago in Guinea-Bissau.

JM reports that, coordinated by Miguel Tristão Teixeira, an environmentalist residing in the Region, this mission includes five more sailboats, which will depart from the Canary Islands. In total, there will be 10 participating vessels, with sailors from Portugal, France, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

The Bijagós archipelago expedition aims to monitor the plastic and medical waste that accumulates after the rainy season on the Bijagós islands, discover the origin and send a report with the conclusions to the United Nations and Europe.

Bijagós archipelago 1

The expedition plans to clean the beaches of Poilao Island so that leatherback turtles can lay their eggs; bring essential goods to the populations of the 20 inhabited islands (out of a total of 88), such as clothing, food and medicine.

They also intend to place a lighthouse on the island of Urangozino, deactivated for more than 45 years, minimizing the loss of human lives that are lost in the Atlantic, are other objectives.

This trip to the Bijagós archipelago, classified by UNESCO as an Ecological Biosphere Reserve can be followed through the website and Facebook .

The Machico City Council is one of the entities that support the mission to the Bijagós archipelago, as well as the Associação Presença Feminina, whose president, Maria Helena Pestana, is an advisor to the government of Guinea-Bissau and, as such, has been a bridge between the organization and the African parents.

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