Albuquerque in video controversy

“Note” passed during handshake

Miguel Albuquerque

JM reports online that the President of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, was approached by journalists today in relation to a video that has been widely circulated in groups on various social networks. Internet users focus on the fact that, in the images, a member of the public passes something to the Chief Executive through a handshake.

Miguel Albuquerque explained “he was giving me a note about a problem he had, which I was supposed to solve later. I have no problem, there is no secret,” he replied, on the sidelines of a visit this Wednesday to a new business in Machico.

“I had his phone number so I could resolve the problem. But I’ve always done this, all my life, there’s nothing new. It is called democracy and the ability of citizens to reach out to politicians, propose the problems they have to solve”, he added, ensuring that he has “nothing to hide” nor is he bothered despite all the “speculation” created.

The Diario has a little more information, again describing that a video has gone viral in which Miguel Albuquerque is seen receiving ‘something’ from a member of the public during a handshake. 

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The moment, captured and broadcast by RTP Madeira last Sunday, took place during the inauguration of the canalization works for the Trapiche and Casa Branca streams, in Santo António, in the city of Funchal. The journalistic piece caught the attention of internet users who promptly highlighted the eight seconds of the handshake. 

But after all, what was sneakily delivered to the head of the Madeiran executive? Miguel Albuquerque responds: “He was giving me a note about a problem he had that I was supposed to solve later, there is no problem, there is no secret.” 

Miguel Albuquerque clarifies that he has “nothing to hide” and praises the closeness between the population and politicians: “I think it is important for citizens to reach out to politicians, to expose their problems to resolve them.” 

The Diario knows that the popular person who led the viral handshake represents the construction company Level Indomável, Engenharia e Construções, Lda., a company based in Santo António.

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    • I think that generally speaking people what people in “social media” give importance doesnt reflect what the wider public gives importance to. In other words, no one cares or gives importance to someone trying to give his phone number to the president to expose his problems.

    • So many options indeed. Maybe is give him the mobile phone of Boris ? Maybe the concrete company that did the jobs in UK schools to repair the Praia Formosa that is is already with damaged . 😂😂

            • Isabel, there is no reason to insult me.

              By the way:
              What happened to your claim that the Chinese were flooding the western world with poorly covid vaccinated tourists in order to infect us all?
              That claim is not a conspiracy theory from rehab Mick – I seriously doubt that he could ever think of this himself!

              • Isabel, there is no reason to insult me ? ???? No one is insult you at all . Compared what Mick been commenting around where for long time this is nothing . What happened to your claim that the Chinese were flooding the western world with poorly covid vaccinated tourists in order to infect us all? ? ??? And about this false claim never made any comments about that at all . And more the Mick gone to rehab ? This can mean many things dependants the way you want think can mean many things like taking time of or taking time to think or reflect about the constant insults that he does towards the Island and the locals

                  • Never made any of that type of comments you most have your wires crossed complete . And neither there is any point continue with this type of commenting nothing to do with this site .

                    • 12 thoughts on “Covid: China sparks global concern”

                      Friday, December 23, 2022 at 14:59

                      They have a vaccine but it has turned out to be virtually ineffective and they will not import vaccines from the west.

                      Isabel Oliveira
                      Saturday, December 24, 2022 at 08:32

                      To mauricereed
                      Agree complete with you the Chinese government and maybe that was plan all the way impose first many years of restrictions and later allow this to happen like a mass murder to kill the opposition .

                      Isabel Oliveira
                      Sunday, December 25, 2022 at 15:40

                      To john + hardy
                      You never know what goes in the heads of people particular the Chinese government and Putin that lost complete is mind . More one reason for people learn from the past and not allowed the same mistakes happen again something that people are making again the same mistakes.

                      My wires were croseed a little bit, but surely not complete

  1. john + hardy
    Saturday, September 16, 2023 at 20:29
    I did forget about that completely . And what is your problem ? I wonder if you do this to Mick ? But when Mick constantly insults and disrespects the entire population you stay silent and don’t point the finger like now .Probably not . Besides this comment, nothing to do with this now . This is childish behaviour pointing the finger shows that someone never did grow up . And many more people agree with that . And this is the best you can add ? Instead coming with a comment about the supposed article decide washing laundry . My advice like I said to Mick go read the local newspapers and see the Madeira news 161 or even better learn the language this way you can add something around where .


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