Albuquerque changes half his government

Canarian President promotes maritime connection

Newspaper headlines: Albuquerque changes half his government

Four days after the elections, Miguel Albuquerque finalized the new government with two fewer secretariats. Four government officials leave (Rita Andrade, Susana Prada, Teófilo Cunha and Humberto Vasconcelos) and two new secretaries enter the frame. Details are to be found in JM.

Canarian President promotes maritime connection

The president of the Canary Islands admitted yesterday afternoon that the Canarian government is interested in a maritime connection, for goods and passengers, between Madeira and the Canaries.

Speaking to journalists, on the sidelines of the inauguration of the Barceló Funchal Oldtown Hotel, Fernando Clavijo, considered this an important investment for expanding the market.

The problem at the moment, he said, is at the level of the company Naviera Armas, which, after the death of the owner, is struggling with ownership issues.

Depending on the deal that will be carried out, in relation to the shipping company, “good news” is expected for 2024.

He praised the air connection and also mentioned the importance of the cruise market for both regions.

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