Airport sets new record

Best month ever in July

Airport sets new record headlined in JM

JM highlights a new record for Madeira International Airport, which registered, last July, more than 430,000 passengers and three thousand movements of planes.

Buses head for scrap

‘Dozens of buses between the museum and the scrapyard’ is another headline, with a photo. The replacement of Horários do Funchal’s old fleet leads to the disposal of dozens of vehicles, waiting for one of three destinations: the museum, the use of parts and slaughter.

Health service IT upgrade

At a time when SESARAM is still recovering from the cyberattack it was the target of a month ago, JM reports that ‘Madeira reinforces IT systems’, an investment that had been planned since 2021, within the scope of the PRR.

Madeira Art Fest

Airport sets new record 1

In culture there is the great Madeira Art Fest event, which will take place in Machico, between the 18th and 24th of this month, bringing together around 300 artists.

3 thoughts on “Airport sets new record”

  1. More and more tourists every month. I don’t think it’s sustainable. Other places are already putting in restrictions against mass tourism, which eventually fundamentally changes the place being visited.

    • I don’t know which airports you fly out of but you must be extremely lucky that you can rate Madeira as inefficient. I have a practical choice of Birmingham, Manchester or Bristol. Purely on price alone, Birmingham and Bristol are at the bottom of the list. Manchester is chaos and leaving the building in the winter to walk to the pick up zone when it’s cold and wet is the perfect end to a holiday. Birmingham just turfs you out into the pick up zone with no shelter what ever, then charges you £4.00 for the privilege. Even before Madeira Airport, hopefully, puts into place the luggage handling system now used by Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester, Madeira is a restful walk in the park compared to Birmingham and Manchester. As to the record queues, it’s because there are a record number of people who wish to visit.


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