A & E overloaded again

Early voting starts today

A & E headline in JM

The Emergency Room (A & E) corridors at Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital have been welcoming patients again in recent days. The director of the service explains to JM that there is an unusual influx and that yesterday there were 26 patients waiting to be admitted to A & E, and eight were clinically discharged. Rita Vieira admits that this situation represents “a huge workload”.

Via Expresso kept busy

This is the news that makes today’s headline in JM, on a front page that highlights the region’s roads. Via Expresso, the company charged with maintaining the island’s second-tier roads, with 1,555 cars damaged in three years. 

This year, more than 300 mechanical assistance projects were carried out and more than 500 objects were collected.

Rede Concessionada Via Expresso

Early voting starts today

Voters in Madeira can start voting in advance for the regional legislative elections on September 24th today, in accordance with the conditions set out in the law, namely for professional or health reasons.

The early voting period runs until next Tuesday, and “military personnel who, on the day of the election, are unable to go to the polling station due to an urgent need to carry out their duties” can exercise this right in advance.

This situation also includes agents of forces and services who perform internal security functions, and maritime and aeronautical workers who “are presumably embarked or displaced” on election day.

“Voters who, due to illness, are hospitalized or presumably admitted to a hospital and unable to go to the polling station” can also anticipate voting, as well as those who “are imprisoned and not deprived of political rights”.

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