300 cruise ships already

November is the busiest month

300 cruise ships expected

JM reports that the movement of cruise ships in the ports of Funchal and Porto Santo is once again expected to reach high volumes.

This is the subject that makes the headline of this Tuesday’s printed edition of JM, which reveals that the high season, which ends at the end of May 2024, encompasses 295 stopovers, the first on the 13th, with the visit of Anthem of the Seas. November is the busiest month, with 56 dock reservations. 

Eight cruise ships are already planned for New Year’s Eve.

Traffic-free return to school

“Free roads for back to school” is the theme that gets the photographic highlight on today’s front page with a picture of the tree-lined Rua João de Deus in the Bom Jesus area of the city, home to the large Francisco Franco High School. A lot of resurfacing work has been going on here over the last month or more, creating considerable traffic problems in that area of Funchal.

The works on Funchal’s roads were completed before the start of the new school year, councillor Bruno Pereira tells the newspaper. The CMF has hired PSP agents to control traffic around eight schools.

300 cruise ships already 1

All the incidental news …

All the incidental news from Madeira – up to 60 reports per day – is being continually picked up automatically, translated, and instantly posted on our sister website, madeiraislandnews, no matter how trivial:

300 cruise ships already 3

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  1. Just wait for the smog to re appear then! Funchal is not a nice place to be when 3+ liners are in dock.
    We have walked past Reid’s, looked down at the harbour , seen the smog and turned around and gone back to Lido.


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