Three saved by the Navy

… in maritime search and rescue in July

Navy ship

JM reports online that the Portuguese Navy, through the Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Centres, coordinated, during the month of July, 25 search and rescue actions which resulted in 49 people being saved, 3 of which concern the area of ​​responsibility of the Sub-centre for the Coordination of Funchal Maritime Search and Rescue.

In the area corresponding to the Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC) in Lisbon, 17 incidents were recorded by the navy in which 43 people were saved. In the Ponta Delgada MRCC area of ​​responsibility covering the Azores, 5 search and rescue actions were coordinated, with 3 people being rescued.

Different organizations contribute to the success of the search and rescue system and resources from various entities are committed, namely the Portuguese Navy, the National Maritime Authority, the Portuguese Air Force (FAP) and other resources and means belonging to the Auxiliary Structure of the National Security System.

Praia de São Tiago solarium renovation costs €19,000

Praia de São Tiago solarium

The same website reports that the work carried out by the Municipality of Funchal (CMF) on the solarium at Praia de São Tiago is now complete.

Last July, CMF repaired the solarium which had been damaged by maritime erosion for some years. The total investment amounted to around €19,000 and provided users with better access to the beach.

The bathing season started at the beginning of June and the CMF, together with the municipal company responsible for managing Funchal’s public bathing complexes, “carried out several investments in order to make improvements to the conditions of services”, according to a press release.

Funchal has four beaches distinguished with the Blue Flag and with excellent water quality.

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A new, vastly improved “search” facility has been introduced allowing readers to search (box in the sidebar above) on any word or phrase used in any of the posts over the last sixteen years. Previously the search facility only returned matches on headings rather than the entire content. It remains to be seen whether this will slow the blog down – fingers crossed! If it works it should move the blog even further ahead of the increasing number of imitators, providing a huge resource for visitors and residents.

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