Taxi drivers complain!

Courts return

Taxis highlighted in the local press

The biggest graphic highlight on the first page goes to taxi drivers, who are (once again!) “fed up with being yellow” and want a firm hand in the face of what they believe to be increasingly unfair competition.

Bolt is the only authorized TVDE operator in Funchal. It is normally significantly cheaper than traditional taxis and has established a strong presence in the city, primarily using its very user-friendly app. Difficult to see what the “yellow” taxis can do without developing their own online presence. TVDE vehicle numbers are, if I am not mistaken, still strictly controlled.

Taxi drivers complain! 1

At Lisbon Airport a couple of weeks ago it was obvious that Bolt have a completely dominant position in the TVDE marketplace on the mainland. Traditional taxi drivers are fortunate in being protected on this island by the Regional Government – like a number of other businesses!

Courts return

The Diario also headlines “Do yourself justice” this morning. The courts resume their normal activity at the end of the week, after the court holidays. The newspaper highlights 15 of the processes of greatest media interest involving Madeirans. There are cases of sexual crimes, violence, drugs and embezzlement. 

Taxi drivers complain! 3

All the incidental news …

All the incidental news from Madeira – up to 60 reports per day – is being continually picked up automatically, translated, and instantly posted on our sister website, madeiraislandnews, no matter how trivial:

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A new, vastly improved “search” facility has been introduced allowing readers to search (box in the sidebar above) on any word or phrase used in any of the posts over the last sixteen years. Previously the search facility only returned matches on headings rather than the entire content. It remains to be seen whether this will slow the blog down – fingers crossed! If it works it should move the blog even further ahead of the increasing number of imitators, providing a huge resource for visitors and residents.

11 thoughts on “Taxi drivers complain!”

  1. Before we get the warnings of doom and gloom and how the Madeira of everyone’s memories turns to a modern day Sodom and Gomara it would be nice to know how long the Court holidays were. Admin, it may have been in my dreams but I recall an article in the last few weeks that told of the backlog, huge, of cases waiting to be tried. I can’t seem to pull anything up on the “Search the website” feature. If the 15 cases mentioned are part of that backlog it might tone down the comments. Though I doubt it.

  2. I don’t know who you fly with but the Taxi’s don’t charge for seating and luggage on top of the fare. The fare from the airport to the casino area is about 35 Euros. Not that much dearer than the fares here in the West Midlands.

  3. I have always used the same driver for years . He takes me to the airport or collects family who are visiting . Often if picking up family he calls me and says he will pick me up so I can meet them at the airport . We have a coffee there or Santa Cruz before flight arrives. He charges only for airport to Funchal . Most regular visitors use a specific driver .


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