Strong wind warning

Last night the Captaincy of the Port of Funchal issued a strong wind warning overnight and today, recommending vessel owners and shipowners to adopt the necessary precautions.

strong wind warning

The warning is in effect until this Tuesday at 6 pm, with “fresh to very fresh, sometimes strong” wind.

Earlier yesterday the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA) had issued a series indicating that there may be bad weather ahead, classified as being signal 6, which represents wind between 51 and 62 kilometers per hour from any direction.

As for the strong wind warning, points out that it is in effect until 6:00 am on Tuesday. At least nine flights (between arrivals and departures) were canceled yesterday due to the strong wind that is felt in Santa Cruz. Only two flights to Madeira were affected by the ATC meltdoen in the UK (Manchester and Gatwick).

Being situated in Santa Cruz for a short stay, I can report that it was gusty in the vicinity of the airport overnight, so more problems may occur there today in addition to yesterday’s problems created by UK air traffic control.

Early flights seem to be scheduled to arrive pretty much on time so far. Departures are always less of a problem.

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  1. Amazing how Jet 2 agency can fly planes from the same UK locations yesterday at similar times to “easier to cancel” Easyjet flights!!!

    4 hours of ATC uncertainty did not deter all airlines so why was decision making “out of our control” for some but not others?


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