Porto Santo fears missing air connection

Binter contract ends in four days

Air Connection headline

JM leads this morning with the headline that Porto Santo fears missing air connection. Four days before the end of the concession contract with Binter, Porto Santo still does not know whether it will maintain the air connection to Madeira. The Regional Government, the Chamber and the company itself are waiting for indications from the authorities on the mainland, but the mayor of Porto Santo, Nuno Batista, admits to JM the fear of the air connection being abandoned as it happened in August 2018 and criticizes the “lack of competence and planning” of the Republic.

The Front Page also highlights the Forests of Madeira, which have recorded 23 fires this year. Manuel Filipe, president of the Instituto de Florestas, IFCN, is apprehensive about the fact that a third of the fires occurred during the night.

The newspaper also reports that the Funchal municipality opens a tender for €2.3 million to rent 80 vehicles and that ‘Carvão em Brasa’ celebrates artistic diversity. The first edition of the event organized by Estúdio 21 takes place on September 9th and brings national and international artists to Quinta Magnólia.

Porto Santo fears missing air connection 1

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