More Lidl controversy

Missing paperwork

More Lidl controversy 1

In this period of non-stop electioneering in the run-up to the regional polling at the end of next month, the Diario reports that “Together for the People” (JPP party) recalls that, at the end of July, it asked Funchal City Council for documentation on the implementation process of the Lidl chain in Madeira.

Élvio Sousa, head of the JPP list for the 2023 Regionals, guarantees that the chamber did not respond to this request.

The lack of response from The Mayor of Funchal, Pedro Calado, who should have delivered the documentation by 23 August, and the recent maneuvers by Intermarché, raise many doubts. 
Out of debt, out of danger. 
You can be sure, as we have already done dozens of times, we will not let go of this subject, until the complete clarification, and for the clarification of the entire population. 
t’s to check governments that people trusted us!
Élvio Sousa, JPP

The party recalls that the news of the deployment of this group in Madeira “was received with enthusiasm by the majority of Madeirans, not only because it would be a way of getting supermarket goods at a more competitive price, but also because that chain has a company own navigation”.

More Lidl controversy 3

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9 thoughts on “More Lidl controversy”

  1. Something very,very not right here, we as a company, did store building for Lidl, they are a very focused,well researching company, so they will not have put thus far, all the energy and expense and walk away with losses. If they do, this Islands people will be robbed of the competition it needs desperatly in this area of everyday need, another but less important one, is car sales.

  2. What is the reason for the unbelievable high price for used, high mileage cars and why hasn’t someone done something about it ?

    Please don’t say tax because whilst taxes are high they are not that high and shipping from the mainland is less than Euro 500.

  3. If, as you say, used cars are fetching unbelievable high prices and the used car market in the UK is supposed to be very healthy because of the shortage of new cars, then it can only be because the buyer has no option. Only if there is a profit in sight will someone do something about it.

  4. I don’t think the UK market is relevant.

    Perhaps most buyers are financing and only look at the monthly payment which enables dealers to charge higher prices.

    Cars also seem to be for sale for a long time.

    Because Madeira is a relatively small market with a high number of dealers. Perhaps each dealer only sells a few cars and therefore has to make a high margin in order to cover their costs.

    • The shortage of new cars is not peculiar to the UK. Does the price of a particular model and year in Madeira match that of the equivalent of the same model on the mainland when the transport costs have been added?

  5. New car prices are what you would expect given high tax and VAT.

    It is very difficult to establish exactly what are the import costs for a 3 year old car from Germany does anyone have experience of importing a car.

    Thanks Admin will take a look at Facebook Marketplace


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