Fire prevention stepped up

“Whenever risks increase, surveillance is reinforced”

Fire prevention teams on the ground

The Diario reports that the regional secretary for the Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change visited, this morning an exercise in fire prevention on an area of ​​land that is being intervened by Sapadores Florestais that is located next to houses. There are two teams with a total of 10 on the ground, cleaning five hectares around the houses.

Susana Prada explained, “These teams were created two years ago so that we could have our own resources throughout the year to clean up and control weeds”. This is an initiative that fits in with the objectives set out in the Action Plan for the Defense of the Forest Against Fires, in which the secretariat developed surveillance and prevention actions.

“Whenever the weather is hotter or the risk of fire increases, once we invest in more and better means of combat”, clarified the secretary. “As everyone knows, we have had excellent results, as a result of this intense and thoughtful work that we have been doing since the fires of 2016”, said the official.

These lands are cleaned using their own means, with the help of Sapadores Florestais. “We have cleaning services that we outsource to specialist companies, and we also make funds available so that the private sector can take over the cleaning of the land, so there are many millions a year”, said Susana Prada.

At the time of the visit, Susana Prada also said that the water reserves for this year are good for the current season. The secretary also guaranteed that, with regard to fires, whenever the factors conducive to fire increase, surveillance means are reinforced.

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