€30m to transform Quinta do Lorde

“Poverty has several causes”

Quinta do Lorde investment featured in the Jornal

JM reports that in the first half of 2024, the old resort of Quinta do Lorde, just east of Caniçal will give way to the ‘Dreams Madeira’ hotel. The refurbishment involves an investment of 30 million euros and the unit, which will operate on an all-inclusive basis, will be linked to the international hotel chain Hyatt. The Quinta do Lorde redevelopment will have 360 ​​rooms, 12 restaurants and will employ 250 people.

The front page picture also highlights a sad reality. “Money is not enough to get out of poverty”. Poverty has several causes in the opinion of Agostinho Moreira, from the European anti-poverty network, who says that it is a priority “to act in the family first”. Sílvia Ferreira, from homeless support group CASA, is concerned about the lack of housing and drug addiction.

The newspaper also reports on 152 thousand euros guaranteed for the Madeira Wine Festival, and the depopulation that worries São Vicente. Albuquerque considers that “the municipality is up to the challenge”.

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  1. I don’t know how you manage to fit the night shift in with all the glowing comments on Madeira.
    02-26 rip off taxi drivers.
    02-35. greedy landlords.
    02-49 homeless drug addicts
    03-09 corrupt government


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