Coastal Plan ignored

… claims left-wing coalition

CDU talking about the Madeira Coastal Plan at Praia Formosa yesterday

The Diario reports that the Madeira Island Coastal Plan (POC) is “one of the most scandalous cases of the lies of the Regional Government of Madeira”, according to the regional coordinator of the CDU.

He was speaking yesterday at a political initiative in Praia Formosa, pointing out that the executive led by Miguel Albuquerque did not comply with the promise to approve the said coastal plan in this legislature.

“The Government announced that by the end of 2022 everything would be approved. Now, it is already possible to conclude that everything was just another scam (…) to deceive the population”, denounced Edgar Silva, who considers Madeira to have totally neglected the coastal planning.

“In Madeira, the Government continues to fail to comply with its duty to approve a plan to organize the coastline and coastline because the government knows that once the POC has been approved, they cannot continue to guarantee the favoritism, which is multiplying in this Region. , not complying with the approval of the POC serves so that civil construction landlords and certain hotel and tourism landlords can have their hands free for the unbridled occupation of coastal areas”
CDU party leader press release.

As Edgar Silva recalled, “the promise of coastal development plans has been waiting for 30 years”, and the Region is “the only case in Portugal without POC”.

For the CDU, “but this lie from Albuquerque is part of a vast set of false promises from this PSD Government in the Autonomous Region of Madeira (…). The lie about the Coastal Plan is one among many other false promises that characterize this governance”, he reinforced, adding that “it is necessary to put an end to so much political fraud”.

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The CDU – Unitarian Democratic Coalition ( PCP-PEV ) is a left-wing coalition, formed by the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) and the Ecologist Party “Os Verdes” (PEV), The CDU have previously called for a ban on development at Praia Formosa.

The coastal plan fro Madeira, according to its webite, has the following general objectives:

  1. Safe public enjoyment of the maritime public domain;
  2. Protection of the biophysical integrity of the space and conservation of environmental and landscape values;
  3. Enhancement of existing resources on the coastline;
  4. Flexibilization of management measures;
  5. Identification and Integration of specificities;
  6. Creation of conditions for the maintenance, development and expansion of activities relevant to Madeira Island, such as port activities, tourism and other socio-economic activities that are dependent on the sea and the coastline, as well as emerging activities that contribute to local development and to counteract seasonality;
  7. Integration and articulation of strategies and public policies that have the coastline or spaces adjacent to it as their object.

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  1. All too depressingly typical for the arrogance of a government that has ruled the island since 1976 and believes it can do as it wishes and continue to enable their friends to enrich themselves at the expense of the ecology and the general public. Until the people of Madeira open their eyes to this arrogance and contempt for the majority and actually vote them out nothing will ever change. As they say all too often this the “Autonomous region of Madeira” which in their eyes means they can do as they want and ignore national legislation if it interferes with their money making schemes.

      • If the same coalition returns to power and I don’t think I’ve read a good word about them on either of the two blogs, can I ask why? Indifference of the electorate, fear of the opposition? Change is in the voters hands.

  2. The Corrupting Nature of Greed

    Greed, a desire for wealth and power
    A hunger that consumes and devours
    Blinding us to what is true and right
    Pushing us to cheat, steal, and fight

    It seeps into our hearts like a disease
    Fueled by the need to get more, to appease A bottomless pit that can never be filled Leaving us empty, alone, and unfulfilled

    It twists our minds, warps our souls
    Transforming us into ruthless, heartless trolls We lose sight of what truly matters in life And become consumed by our own strife

    Greed can take many forms, we know
    From the wealthy tycoon to the thief on the go It can poison every aspect of our being Leaving us blind to what we should be seeing

    It corrupts governments, businesses, and institutions Leading to scandals, corruption, and confusion
    And when it is left unchecked, it can destroy The very foundations on which we build our joy

    The lust for power, for more and more
    Can lead to devastation, to pain and war
    For when we lose sight of our humanity
    We risk losing everything, and that’s no fantasy

    So let us be mindful of the price we pay
    When we allow greed to rule the day
    For the cost is high, and the end is nigh
    When we give in to this deadly lie.

    • A very powerful comment, so different from three of your recent comments,

      “Thursday, July 20, 2023 at 02:08
      Two days in a row what’s going on with the gay articles ? We don’t want to read this shit.”

      Referring to the Popes visit to Portugal.
      “Why welcome this international Paedophile ring leader in Portugal?”

      Monday, July 24, 2023 at 01:44
      Only 28.000 employed in tourism how about the rest of the population claiming welfare benefits?

      And I could go on, and go on, and go on.

  3. Decades of dictatorship, and when the Portuguese found freedom from the oppression the Madeirans essentially installed another one and continually vote them back in. The logical conclusion is that the majority of people on Madeira like to be taken for fools. They’re not even willing to try something different for a single term. It’s pathetic. Turkey’s voting for Christmas.


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