Bathers now warned of jellyfish

Purple flag indicates jellyfish danger

Bathers now warned of jellyfish 1

JM reports, together with a very poor photograph, that the information available for those who go into the sea, on the guarded beaches of Madeira, has now been expanded.

When there are jellyfish in the sea, bathers will be alerted through a purple flag with jellyfish drawn in white. The information was released yesterday afternoon at Barreirinha, by the Regional Secretary for the Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change, Susana Prada, who stated that this year, not many have been seen, but it has already happened. 

Of the 59 bathing waters, 27 are bathing waters and will have the flag in question hoisted when appropriate, as guaranteed by the minister in statements made to the media.

This seems like a case of recycling “old news” as a quick search on the blog – box above – comes up with the following post in June last year. Maybe an agency has been contracted at vast expence to redesign the flag?

Bathers now warned of jellyfish 3

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