Azores have more tourists …

… staying for less time


Unusually, the latest national tourism statistics have appeared in the Azores press before the local press in Madeira. The Diário dos Açores reports that In June, the Azores achieved record tourism growth of 16.7%, compared to June 2019, surpassed only by the Northern region on the mainland, which grew by 17.1%.

In June, there were increases in overnight stays in all regions, except in AR (Autonomous Region) Madeira (-0.8%), which had not registered a decrease since March 2021. The Algarve concentrated 30.4% of overnight stays, followed by AM (Área Metropolitana) Lisbon (24.5%) and the North (16.4%). Compared to June 2019, the Algarve again recorded a decrease (-6.8%, -0.9% in May).

Growth continued to be registered in the remaining regions, with greater emphasis in the North (+17.1%), in the Azores (+16.7%) and in the Madeira (+14.3%). Compared to June 2019, overnight stays from residents registered a decrease in the Algarve (-17.9%) and AM Lisboa (-2.5%), with the latter not registering any decreases, compared to 2019 levels, since March 2022.

 AR Madeira continued to stand out with a growth of 33.0%, followed by the North (+13.4%). Overnight stays from non-residents continued to decline in the Algarve (-2.9%) and in the Centre (-1.8%), compared to June 2019, with the highest increase in AR Açores (+25.6%) standing out ).

Tourists are spending less time in the Azores

In June, the average stay in tourist accommodation establishments in the Azores (2.61 nights) decreased by 3.1% (-2.0% in May), compared to the same month of the previous year. The reduction in the average stay occurred in all regions, except in the Algarve (+1.6%). 

The average stay of residents (2.03 nights) decreased by 5.2% and that of non-residents (2.95 nights) decreased by 3.8%. The highest values ​​for this indicator were found in AR Madeira (4.42 nights) and in the Algarve (4.00 nights), with the lowest occurring in the Centre (1.79 nights), in the North and in the Alentejo (both with 1.90 nights).  

In the Azores, the average stay in June was 2.99 nights (-3.1%) and between January and June, the average stay is 2.84 nights, down 3%.

Bed occupancy rate drops a lot in the Azores

The net bed occupancy rate in tourist accommodation establishments (53.0%) decreased by 0.6 pp in June (+1.9 pp in May) and was 2.2 pp below the value observed in June 2019, and, compared to 2019 levels, was the first decline since September 2022. In June, the highest bed occupancy rates were recorded in RA Madeira (69.1%) and AM Lisboa (61.5%). The biggest decreases in this indicator occurred in AR Azores and Alentejo (-4.6 pp and -2.7 pp, respectively), having increased in the North (+1.1 pp) and in the Centre (+0.5 pp). The net occupancy rate in tourist accommodation establishments (63.5%) reached the same value as in June 2022 (+3.3 pp in May), and was, also for the first time since September 2022, below ( -0.2 pp) from the values ​​observed in 2019.

In overall terms across the country, the tourist accommodation sector registered 2.9 million guests and 7.4 million overnight stays in June 2023, corresponding to growth of 7.1% and 3.7%, respectively (+12.2 % and +9.9% in May 2023, in the same order). Compared to June 2019, there were increases of 4.3% in guests and 3.8% in overnight stays.

In June, overnight stays in the domestic market decreased by 6.7%, totalling 2.2 million and overnight stays in the foreign markets increased by 8.7%, corresponding to 5.3 million overnight stays. Compared to June 2019, there were increases of 0.5% in overnight stays from residents and 5.2% from non-residents.

The North American and Canadian markets continued to stand out with the highest growth compared to June 2019 (+60.3% and +39.7%, respectively), and also compared to the same month of 2022 (+22.2% and +36.2%, in the same order).

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  1. Os Açores are well worth visiting and I would recommend people give them a try. We’ve been several times including cruise stop offs. Nine beautiful islands of which we have visited five.

    • The difficulty is getting flights. We went to São Miguel some years ago with our local U3A geology group, and enjoyed it. Very interesting island. We have looked to go again, to any of the islands, but finding convenient and appropriate flights was virtually impossible.

          • Changing flights in Lisbon airport is a drag but Oporto is not so bad. There’s a choice of flights from the UK to both and TAP flies to some of the islands alongside SATA. Flight times for UK to Portugal about 2 hours and roughly 2 hours out to the islands.

            I’d go back at the drop of a hat but my wife’s poor health precludes that.

            • My wife and I are frequent visitors to Madeira and always fly Jet2 from Birmingham. To visit the Azores this September we fly to Madeira with Jet2 as usual then after spending two nights in Funchal we catch a SATA flight to Horta changing planes in Ponta Delgada. We visit five islands either by ferry or internal flight then return to Madeira for two nights before taking Jet2 back to Birmingham. Regarding flight availability we booked Jet2 in February and SATA flights in June


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