Two youngsters dead and one miraculously saved

… as car falls 200 metres into ravine

Two youngsters dead and one miraculously saved - headline

JM understandably leads with the tragic events of yesterday, already reported here as the scale of the accident unfolded.

Two young people were found dead and another was miraculously saved after a car accident yesterday in Achadas da Cruz. The vehicle fell into a ravine now understood to be about 200 metres deep.

The young survivor’s father was the one who gave the alert after locating his son using his cell phone’s GPS. The aid and rescue operation mobilized 30 firefighters from two corporations and the helicopter. Yesterday, friends and family were dismayed and in shock. 

The Regional Health Service (SESARAM) provided psychological support to face this pain. The mayor of Porto Moniz, Emanuel Câmara, asks for respect for families. 

The psychological support of SESARAM was activated and “is also available to provide the follow-up that may be requested, in the areas of residence, in view of the moment of high consternation”.

It also adds that “the third victim was admitted at 12:45 pm, to the Emergency Service of Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça, where all the necessary procedures were triggered after the intervention of the EMIR teams on site. He was followed up to the Intensive Care Unit where he is in the face of the clinical situation”.

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