Vereda do Areeiro reopens

… almost two weeks after being closed due to bad weather

Vereda do Areeiro

Almost two weeks after being closed due to bad weather, the footpath Vereda do Areeiro reopened today, allowing locals and tourists to walk one of the most emblematic classified trails in the Region, connecting Pico do Areeiro to Pico Ruivo. 

The heavy rainfall caused the fall of large stones, a consequence of the passage of the Óscar depression through Madeira, including some significant rockfalls in the vicinity of Vereda do Areeiro, leading to the banning of this classified pedestrian route.

This situation did not prevent many hikers, especially tourists, from venturing out on the trail, ‘piercing’ the signage barriers, and there were even two accidents during this period of interdiction, which forced the rescue of two foreigners.

Vereda do Areeiro reopens 1

Alongside this Vereda do Areeiro trail, two of the three classified pedestrian trails that are part of the Funchal Ecological Park, Vereda do Burro (PR 3) and Caminho Real do Monte (PR 3.1), also reopened today, as reported by the Diario.

The classified pedestrian trails of Levada do Barreiro (PR 4), Caminho Real da Encumeada (PR 12), Vereda da Ribeira da Janela (PR 15), Caminho do Pináculo and Folhadal (PR 17), Jardim do Mar Trail (PR 20) and Levada da Azenha (PR 23), many of them for reasons unrelated to last week’s bad weather.

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