“Unprecedented” tourism study promised

Airport wind limit controversy continues

Tourism survey announced

The Diario headlines that statistics should advance with an unprecedented survey on tourism. The “operation, which starts tomorrow, will focus on a sample of 780 family accommodations distributed throughout the archipelago and ask questions about the weight and interference of tourism in the lives of locals”. A theme that, in fact, “arouses curiosity to know the result” according to the newspaper.

Wind limit challenge

“Protest and challenge to Galamba” is also a subject that marked yesterday as the minister for infrastructure visited the Region, in a theme that, for all intents and purposes, interests all Madeirans and Portosantenses, as islanders with the airport and tourism driving the Regional economy. 

The Diario reports that the “Regional President Miguel Albuquerque showed displeasure at not having been heard in the appointment of the new director of Madeira Airport and asked the minister for ‘courage’ to change the wind limits“.

“We stubbornly maintain the wind limits. We continue to let the situation drag on without anyone being able to resolve it”, recalled Miguel Albuquerque, who remains firmly committed to expanding tourism.

Addressing Minister Galamba, Albuquerque asked for the opening of dialogue so that the situation is “dealt with once and for all”.

Spanish company to install new radar

The Diario also reports that a Sanish company will supply and install the new radar system at Madeira airport. This will cost close to €3 million and have an execution period of 820 days, i.e. more than two years.

National airspace authority NAV Portugal says it hopes to make a “very significant contribution to improving the operability” of the airport.

The Spanish company ‘DTN Services and Systems Spain’ is the entity that will supply and install the radar system at Madeira Airport.

On the 15th of June 2022, NAV Portugal published, in Diário da República, the announcement of a public tender for the supply and installation of a system for detecting and alerting turbulence and ‘wind shear’ at Madeira Airport, with a value basis of €3.5 million.

Strong wind and hot weather this Sunday

The Region will experience periods of very cloudy skies and moderate to strong winds (30 to 45 km/h) from the north-northeast.

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13 thoughts on ““Unprecedented” tourism study promised”

  1. Having seen what a mess Politicians made of Covid in the UK, admittedly with hind sight, the thought of any politician having a say in the appointment of a new director of Madeira Airport fills me with horror. On the other hand he must fly in and out of Madeira more than most, so he must have great faith in his own technical knowledge. The only consolation is he may be the first casualty of his demand for higher limits.

    • Did you survive Covid? Of course you did, so no MESS at all. Get real, you are alive, stop blaming Boris for something he had no control over, it happened, we all know where from and the U.K. was one of the first to react and roll out.
      Why bring your negative British attitude into a Portuguese post?

      • Are you honestly saying, you believe that Covid , as it was handled by the UK Government and I’m not trying to make this a political debate, was perfect, not a mess at all. Two years ago I thought they did well, allowing for the circumstances, now the enquiry has started and we are hearing about the wisdom of lock down, the on going problems of working from home, the over generous wage supplements and the numerous financial fiddles. There is nothing negative about querying decisions made by Governments. Hero worship is white washing.

  2. Admin, after scanning the two newspapers with out finding any ref to Machico/cocaine, you’d better answer the correspondents question before you are accused of hiding the truth along with the politicians, newspapers, and Police.

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  4. Popcorn anyone? I have started watching it a great series I do like a true story with some beautiful scenes of the island as it being filmed In madeira.

  5. Admin, let us examine the post that refers to the Cocaine in Machico comment posted by our resident fantasist. It turns out he is referring to a semi fictional TV drama. Rather than Machico it is set in the village of Rabo da Peixo, on Sao Miguel Island in the Azores. Following his Wikipedia link I find his comment is well written because it’s a copy of the Wikipedia opening paragraph, not written by him. Let me quote from the same article, “The TV Series is loosely based on a true story.” To sum it up. Mafia hide a Ton of Cocaine, in Machico, it’s found by two young men. Guess what, The Mafia want it back. Murder and mayhem in Machico. This is the guy who loudly and persistently professes to know all about the crime and drug scene in Madeira. He is so familiar with Madeira he even labours under the belief it was filmed on Madeira when it was actually filmed in the Azores. Then tells us, he does love a true story. I have to ask, what is he and his four Capo thumb suckers on?


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