Sun scorched like never before in June

37.4°C is a record

Sun scorched like never before in June 1

JM headlines that thermometers in Funchal reached 37.4 degrees yesterday, the highest temperature ever in June, beating the previous maximum of 30.4°C seen in 1983. Nine regional meteorological stations recorded values ​​above 30 degrees, temperatures well above those forecast.

Government and Civil Protection authorities are reinforcing the means of surveillance and firefighting in the mountains and close forest leisure areas.

The Diario reports that the hottest month ever in June triggers alerts. It has been at least 62 years since the month of Popular Saints was so hot in Funchal. The red warning could bring new highs and the intensification of the wind increases the risk of fire.

Premature baby saved

The front page also features an emergency. The rescue of a premature baby rescue defied the odds. Speed ​​and cooperation between rescue teams and security forces saved the life of a newborn, at 28 weeks. Air transport from Porto Santo to Funchal bypassed the limits of the wind that paralyzed traffic at the airport on Sunday.

The premature baby, 28 weeks old, was born on Sunday at the Porto Santo Health Centre. and needed urgent transport to Madeira. His life depended on it.

As JM reported today, the normal operation of Madeira Airport was almost completely conditioned, due to the wind. Faced with a life or death situation, that’s what it was all about, and even outside the wind limits, the baby was sent to Madeira, as an emergency.

It was a delicate operation, but also thanks to the perfect articulation between SEMER (Regional Emergency Services) and the Regional Health Service (SESARAM), it was possible to carry out the transport and save a life that has only just begun.

JM describes how a neonatology team and an incubator were deployed, which, at the airport, were waiting for the baby’s arrival. In Madeira, the baby was sent to a designated health unit and, JM knows, is stable.

The paper concludes that “It is a story of hope and happiness that, naturally, moved all the relief teams that were committed to this mission, namely EMIR (fast response units) and FAP (Portuguese Air Force)’s 751 squadron”.

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