Spate of robberies in São Pedro

… continues a worrying trend

São Pedro robberies headline

Residents of São Pedro have reported to JM an increasing number of robberies and say they are frightened by the increase in drug addicts in the area. The PSP (security police)guarantees that it is making an “effort at the level of prevention” and shows statistics that indicate a reduction in thefts in the parish.

Once again I find myself reporting on stories of drugs, robberies, violence, homelessness and corruption that seem to proliferate by the day in Madeira. It is difficult to understand where this is leading, and why the slide “downhill” has been so marked, principally in Funchal.

Some observers could blame the local media, but the reporting cannot be dismissed as sensationalism – the Regional government and prominent local businesses have sufficient control over both local newspapers to suppress this if the stories were untrue or exaggerated – it is in neither of their interests for Madeira to be portrayed in a bad light.

One must conclude, therefore, that there is a very worrying trend that is taking an ever firmer hold on local society. Worrying for those who have chosen to relocate here, and worrying for those depending on tourism, which could decline in the face of bad publicity and rising prices.

Dia de São Pedro

Spate of robberies in São Pedro 1
Igreja deSão Pedro in Funchal

It is a coincidence that reports of robberies in São Pedro fall on the day that honours this popular saint. St Peter’s Day has been celebrated on the 29th of June from the 3rd or 4th century onwards. It is not a public holiday.

This Saint is the patron saint of the parishes of Ponta do Pargo as well as São Pedro (Funchal) and there are several chapels dedicated to him throughout the archipelago, more specifically in Porto Moniz (Lamaceiros), Porto Santo (Campo de Baixo), Santa Cruz (Lombada ) and Santana (São Jorge). Around this time, various celebrations take place in these locations in honour of him, and the parish of Ribeira Brava also celebrates Saint Peter with a special devotion, despite having Saint Bento as its patron saint.

22 thoughts on “Spate of robberies in São Pedro”

  1. Well the news should be parsing the efforts of the police in bring down the crime in that area and not making sensationalism like the the editor likes to do that never publish any news of any type of work that the Government and the different departments being doing to solve and resolve this problems it is always a down hill news was they call .

    • I am sure that there is some very commendable work being done, but it does not seem to be enough to stop the reputation of Madeira as a safe holiday destination being put in severe jeopardy

      • Evan
        Jeopardy nothing like always Mick likes to make a lot of speculation and statements about thinks without never showing any evidence of any thing that he says . This supposed person neither resides their or lives their and never shows any prove or evidence of is statements in the end it is speculation and defamation that what is doing and disrespecting and insulting the people that live their and the Island . Madeira is more secure safe than is own country whatever he lives .

  2. To try to get this in perspective, can I ask any of our readers who live in the UK, in a town of 50,000 plus population to put their fingers to keyboard and tell us if they would feel safer on a Saturday night walking round their home town or Funchal?

      • Ken
        Worth the replay ? It is a shame that Mick doesn’t put the same effort behind in relation to UK town and hamlet where he lives the situation over their most be very desperate situation since neither he doesn’t say anything . It was great if he did show some figures of crime and drug dealing where he lives in UK this way people around where can compare Madeira and the Uk that will be very interesting thing to see .

      • If I had the time and the coloured crayons I’d explain it to you. But I see you favour and copy your friend the doom monger, incapable of answers, only one line, thoughtless, short on fact, nonsense.

  3. He’s correct your question is not worth a reply I would imagine drugs and crime will be front page news for the next few years as the government does not give a flying toss.


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