Smoke arrives from Canadian fires

… and will stay until Saturday

Smoke partially obscures Funchal this morning

The Diario reports that after another tropical night in Madeira, but less hot than the previous two, the day begins with a different air, the mixture of the usual and common ‘eastern weather’ mixed with a haze that meteorologists say is caused by the smoke from the forest fires that have been raging for several weeks in Canada, on the other side of the Atlantic.

The first photo was taken by the Diario this morning, the rest, below, are from Tuesday – you can see the difference. However, these clouds are felt more in the quotas of a thousand meters of altitude, but they should not constitute damage to health, since the size of the particles suspended in the atmosphere (less than 2.5 micrometres) and by gases (especially carbon monoxide), are not at risk level concentration.

Smoke intensifying over Madeira

According to IPMA, “the cloud of smoke that covered the entirety of the mainland during the day yesterday is in the process of dissipating, currently affecting Spain, Great Britain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. On the other hand, the smoke cloud intensified over the Azores and Madeira region”, according to a press release yesterday.

According to forecasts from the CAMS service (European Copernicus programme), “the cloud of smoke should dissipate completely over the mainland in the next 24 hours, remaining over the archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira until at least the 1st of July (Saturday ). During the following days, atmospheric conditions should be favourable for the dissipation of the cloud over the entire national territory”, he believes.

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    • Don’t they both get pretty much all their stories from the JM and Diario??! Nothing wrong in that, and I’ve never seen those two websites complain!!

    • … It’s Ñot Copied, It’s the News about the Same Isĺand so there’s Obviously going to be à lot of the Same News Stories ,, What dou you expect “Totally Different Stories All the Time”? Both Sites get their Stories from the Same Sources (Madeiran and Portuguese Media) ,, Surely it’s Not that Difficult for you to Understand ??? …

  1. It does look very murky on the Marina live webcam. They say the smoke is reaching the UK but as it is overcast I am not detecting it here in Londres.


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